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Reminders for Common Violations

ANNUAL list of reminders for all occupants of the Crossroads at Lake Region Community. Please note, this is not a comprehensive list of Rules for the community. For specific concerns or questions, the recorded Declarations and Covenants represent the documents that bind the community.

  • Put away all trash cans, basketball hoops, hoses and any other items that may be present in the front of your property. A violation for this section carries a zero (0) tolerance and the special assessment shall be $100.00 per occurrence.

  • Pets - As outlined in the Rules, owners of domestic pets as permitted by Polk County ordinance is up to a limit of two (2) such pets. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets when a pet defecates in places other than the Owners lot. This applies to all common areas, streets, roadways, pool area and other vacant l0ts. A violation of the above items carries a zero (0) tolerance and the special assessment of $100.00 per incident. An unlimited number of incidents can occur during any period of time. Do not throw plastic bags of pet feces into the retention ponds or drains. This creates a problem with drainage as well as maintenance issues.

  • Landscape and Flower Beds - Grass must be mowed and edged on a regular basis so as to present a neat and well­ groomed appearance. Landscape must be maintained with plants having a healthy appearance. Grass must be maintained and healthy. A violation for this item carries a zero (0) tolerance and the special assessment shall be $100.00 per occurrence. If the owner of a home fails to maintain the property, Crossroads GOA has the right, but not the obligation, to repair, mow, clean or perform other maintenance to bring the property in compliance with these covenants. The cost and any attorney's fees will be billed to the owner and a lien on the property may be applied.

  • Parking - no recreational vehicles, trailers, work or utility vehicles, boats, utility trailers or any such similar vehicles are permitted to remain or park on any Lot unless entirely concealed from view. Crossroads COA is designated as vehicles subjected to towing. All owner vehicles should be parked in their respective driveway and be in good working order. Vehicles should not be parked on the streets overnight. No nighttime parking in the parking lot by the pool or the grassed areas adjacent to the swimming pool will be tolerated. If you, as a resident, see overnight parking, please contact the GOA office telephone with the details of the vehicles along with pictures if possible.

  • Architectural Control Committee guidelines - no structures, swing sets, swimming pools, painting, or any material changes to the property are permitted unless approved by the Architectural Control Committee. No sheds, fences or other improvements are allowed unless approved by the Architectural Control Committee. Crossroads is a no shed community. Please note, the ARC Committee has 30 days to approve your request.

  • Pool - Animals are not allowed at the pool area. The use of the pool is restricted to Crossroads owners and renters. Homeowners may invite guests but are responsible for that said guest. Pool hours are restricted to dawn to dusk. Anyone who is in the pool area after dusk will be considered trespassing. If you witness any nighttime activity at the pool area, please contact the City of Winter Haven’s non-emergency number (863) 401-2256. All individuals caught will be prosecuted. Do not place cigarette butts in the common area beds and please clean up after yourself.

  • General Community Safety: It is important that the safety and security of the community be maintained. If you witness any type of emergency, contact 911 immediately. If there is activity in the community that is deemed non-emergency but is considered criminal in nature, contact City of Winter Haven police department at (863) 401-2256. Finally, to reduce the cost of the annual GOA fees, Crossroads COA does not have a full-time office or staff. Any type of ARC or request is handled strictly by mail. Any issues you have can be communicated by the designated telephone number referenced above or by emailing crossroadscommunityassociation@gmail.com. No changes, alterations or modifications can be approved over the telephone or by email.

  • Exterior Changes: NO CHANGES are permitted to the exterior of your home unless you get approval from the ARC Committee. This list includes but is not limited to the following: NO LANDSCAPE CHANGES including trees, shrubs and plants in the beds; no structures, swing sets, swimming pools, no sheds, fences or other improvements on the exterior without the express written consent of the ARC Committee. Crossroads is NO SHED community - no exceptions. It is important for you to comply with these Rules. Any change that is made without authority could be deemed unacceptable and you will be forced to remove the change at your expense.

  • Parking - In summary: NO PARKING ON THE STREET AT NIGHT; NO TRAILERS, NO BOATS, NO R.V.S, NO COMMERCIAL VEHICLES, NO EXCEPTIONS! Please note - if you think your neighbor is not noticing and doesn't mind... you are wrong. They do notice and do mind! All tenants or renters who occupy your home if your property is a rental must comply with these Rules.

  • Trash - Trash and recycle bins must be placed at the street for collection no earlier than 6:00 p.m. on the day prior to collection and shall be removed and stored out of sight of any street no later than 10:00 p.m. on the day of collection. Yard debris must be placed in a neat pile for collection as required by the waste collection services and arranged in a manner so that it will not become scattered. Any yard debris that is placed in plastic bags or cans may not be placed at curbside before 6:00 p.m. the day prior to collection. When not placed at curbside for collection, trash cans and recycle tubs must be stored out of sight in a garage, fenced enclosure, behind camouflaging shrubbery or plants, or in some other location where they are not visible from the street. Please note: If you think your neighbor is not noticing the big trash cans lined up neatly on your driveway or the side of the house...they do! Please put them away! Additionally - PLEASE DO NOT DUMP YOUR PERSONAL TRASH in the construction dumpsters.

  • NO Sports Equipment or any other items of this nature should be visible from the street. These items should be placed in the garage.

  • Pets: All pets must be kept on the Lot so as not to pose a danger to neighbors and shall not be allowed off the Lot unless on a leash. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets when a pet defecates in places other than the Owners lot. This applies to all common areas, streets, roadways and other vacant lots. Additionally, no pets are allowed at the pool. Please be neighborly and clean up after your pet I mean - do I have to say anything else?

  • Landscape - Grass must be mowed and edged on a regular basis so as to present a neat and well-groomed · appearance. The mowing of the lawns includes the removal of any grass clippings, trimmings, litter and other debris from the roadways, curbs, gutters, driveways and walkways. Do not blow your grass cuttings and debris into the street. Weedy areas in grass and dead areas must be corrected. Additionally, one variety of grass shall be maintained in the areas with sod. Flower beds and open areas must be maintained as well.

Reminders for Common Violations
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